Polish rabbi: born at Landsberg about 1778 (?); died in Loslau in 1863; son of Joseph Landsberg, rabbi of Posen. At Solomon's wish his sons erected a wooden monument over his grave at Loslau.

Posner was the author of several as yet unpublished works, among which are: "Zemir 'Ariẓim," an apologetic work written against young persons who consider the study of the Talmud unnecessary; "Gal 'Ed," moral and instructive letters for sons when leaving the paternal house to attend the yeshibah; "Nir Rah," commentary on the whole Pentateuch, with various notes on Rashi; "Dodo Yegallenu," novellæ on the Talmud; "Bet ha-Niẓoẓ," introduction to the Talmud; "Noṭer ha-Keramim," advice to fathers concerning the support of their families and the education of their children.

In 1870 there appeared in Krotoschin a book entitled "To'ar Pene Shelomoh," which contained, besides Posner's biography after his marriage, biographies of his ancestors as far back as the beginning of the seventeenth century, together with much that refers to the history of civilization at that time and in the eighteenth century. Scholars, however, disagree as to whether the "To'ar" is Posner's own work or a revisal of a manuscript of his, by his eldest son, Moses, who was once rabbi of Posen.

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