German landscape and genre painter; born in Berlin March 7, 1837. He at first intended to pursue a juridical career, and held for some years an office as "Amtsrichter" in his native town; but at length his love for painting became so strong that he decided to devote his entire time to this art. He studied assiduously under Eschke and Gude, and devoted himself especially to painting scenes and landscapes of southern Spain, which country he visited several times, first in 1882. He traveled extensively also in the Black Forest, the Bavarian highlands, Switzerland, and Italy.

Of his paintings the following may be mentioned: "Interior of Alcazar, Seville"; "Moorish House in Granada"; "The Lion Court in the Alhambra"; "View of the Alhambra from Darrothal"; "The Interior of the Cautiva Tower of the Alhambra"; "Frigidarium of the Moorish Bath in the Alhambra"; "The Escorial"; "Landscape of Southern Spain"; "Fort Alicante"; "In the Alhambra's Myrtle-Grove";"View of Tangier"; "Christ's Entry into Jerusalem"; and "The Lord's Supper."

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