Professor of Hebrew and rabbi at Liverpool; born at Danzig 1816; died at Liverpool Dec., 1881. He studied at the rabbinical school at Libau and occupied his first position at the age of eighteen. He was afterward appointed rabbi at Shoenek, Prussian Poland. He later was called to the Old Hebrew Congregation at Liverpool to fill there the post of rabbi, which he held till his death. Shortly after he had settled in Liverpool he was elected Hebrew master of the Congregational School; he filled also the chair in Hebrew at Queen's College, Liverpool. After twelve years' service he resigned the latter appointment in order to devote himself more entirely to his increasing clerical duties. Professor Prag numbered many Christian divines among his pupils. He was a member of the Liverpool Literary and Philosophical Society and served upon its council; he translated some Phenician inscriptions said to have been found in Brazil, and the inscription on the Moabite Stone.

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J. G. L.
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