RABBAH B. SAMUEL (called also Abba b. Samuel):

Babylonian amora of the second half of the third century; son of Mar Samuel of Nehardea. He was an associate of R. Ḥiyya bar Abba, to whom he addressed a question (Zeb. 105a, where he is called Abba), of R. Ḥisda (B. Ḳ. 98b), and of R. Sheshet ('Er. 11b, 39b; Sheb. 45b). To the two last named he communicated a number of baraitot previously unknown to them. Rabbah b. Samuel was evidently well versed in these traditions, since he appears in Ḥag. 17b and R. H. 20a as expounding them. In Ber. 29a he raises an objection to a tradition of his father as cited by R. Naḥman, and in Ber. 40a he transmits others of R. Ḥiyya. A number of his own apothegms, both halakic (Shab. 12b; Yer. Sanh. 21c) and haggadic (Yeb. 63b; B. B. 15b; Meg. 14a, b), have been preserved.

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W. B. J. Z. L.
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