Babylonian amora of the seventh generation. He did not remember his father, R. Huna, who died while Rabina was still a child, but the Talmud states several times that his mother communicated to him the opinions held by his father (Ber. 39b; Men. 68b). After his father's death, his maternal uncle, Rabina I., became his guardian (Ket. 100b). Rabina II. officiated as judge at Sura shortly after Ashi's death (Ket. 69a), and was a colleague of Mar b. Ashi (Men. 37b; Ber. 36a), although he was not so prominent. After Rabbah Tosefa'a's death Rabina became, for a year (474), director of the Academy of Sura (Abraham ibn Daud, "Sefer ha-Ḳabbalah," in Neubauer, "M. J. C." i. 61). According to Sherira Gaon (Neubauer, l.c. i. 34), Rabina, "the last of the Hora'ah" (B. M. 86a), died in 500. His death marks the close of the amoraic period and of the completion of the Talmud redaction (see Talmud).

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