Babylonian amora of the third generation; younger brother of Judah b. Ezekiel, the founder of the Academy of Pumbedita. He studied under his father, Ezekiel (Sanh. 80b). Disregarding the opinion of his brother Judah that it was a sin to leave Babylon for Palestine, Rami went to Bene-Berak (a city southeast of Joppa), where Akiba's academy had once stood, and there he became convinced that Palestine was indeed a land flowing with milk and honey (Ket. 111b). He subsequently returned to Babylonia, however, and corrected many of the sayings which his brother Judah had cited in the names of Rab and Samuel: "Harken not to the sayings quoted by my brother in the name of Rab [or Samuel], for Rab [or Samuel] spake thus" (Ket. 21a, 60a, 76b; Ḥul. 44a). Rami occasionally quotes a baraita (Shab. 138a; 'Er. 14b, 58b). He had friendly relations with Rab Huna (Shab. 138b).

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