German physician and writer; born at Raschkow, province of Posen, 1798; died Aug. 2, 1870. He received his early instruction in Hebrew from his father, who was the local rabbi, and at an early age took a position as tutor at Neisse, where he prepared himself for the "secunda" of the gymnasium of that city. After his graduation he studied medicine at the University of Budapest, and was then appointed surgeon in the Austrian army, but was obliged to resign because of his writings on behalf of the emancipation of the Jews. He then began to practise at Màd in the county of Tokay, but being soon forced to give up this work on account of ill health, he engaged in tutoring and writing. From this period dates his history "Ḳerot Yeme 'Olam," while his dramatic poem "Amnon we-Tamar" (Breslau, 1832) is a product of his youth. Shortly before his death he composed his epitaph, in which he related the story of his life.

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