ALLON BACHUTH ("Oak of Weeping").

—Biblical Data:

An oak near Bethel, at the foot of which Deborah, the nurse of Rebekah, was buried (Gen. xxxv. 8). In Judges, iv. 5 a tree is referred to as the "palm-tree of Deborah," which has been identified by some with the "oak of weeping."

G. B. L.—In Rabbinical Literature:

According to the Haggadah, the word "allon" is the Greek ἄλλον (another); and it explains the designation of the burial-place of Deborah as "another weeping," by stating that before Jacob had completed his mourning for Deborah, he received the news of the death of his mother. Scripture does not mention the place of Rebekah's interment, because her burial took place privately. Isaac was blind; Jacob was away from home; and Esau would have been the only one to mourn; and his public appearance as sole mourner would not have been to Rebekah's honor (PesiḲ. Zakor, pp. 23b et seq.; Gen. R. lxxxi., end; Tan. Wayishlaḥ, xxvi.).

L. G.
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