Dutch bibliographer; born at Amsterdam 1821; died there 1890. Becoming connected with a firm of booksellers, he acquired a taste for bibliographical studies, and as a result published in 1857 "Catalogue de Livres Orientaux." Roest's best-known work is the "Catalog der Hebraica und Judaica aus der L. Rosenthal'schen Bibliothek" (2 vols., Amsterdam, 1875). After Baron Rosenthal presented his collection to the Amsterdam Library, Roest was appointed custodian of it. He contributed to various Jewish periodicals, such as the Dutch "Spectator" and the "Taalkindig Magazin," and edited the "Israelitische Letterbode" for several years.

  • Jew. Chron. Jan. 3, 1891, p. 14.
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