Bohemian Talmudist and rabbi; born 1760; died Sept. 25, 1820, in Prague, where he was dayyan and head of the yeshibah. Zacharias Frankel was one of his pupils.

Ronsburg was the author of "Horah Gaber" (Prague, 1802), commentary on the treatise Horayot, and "Ma'aseh Rab" (ib. 1823), marginal notes on the Talmud, reprinted in the Prague (1830-32) edition of the Talmud and in several later ones. Under the title "Sedeh Ẓofim," in the Prague (1839-46) edition of the Talmud, are printed Ronsburg's notes to the "Halakot" of Asher b. Jehiel; and the same are reprinted in Romm's Wilna edition. The following works by Ronsburg remain in manuscript: "Pitḥe Niddah," novellæ, and "Siḥat Ḥullin."

At the official naming of the Jews, Ronsburg (the name is derived from Ronsperg, a city in Bohemia, and is pronounced "Ronshborg") took the name Daniel Bezaleel Rosenbaum, the initials standing for both surnames; he continued to be known, however, as Ronsburg.

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