A writer in Amsterdam in the early part of the eighteenth century. He published in Portuguese: "Anagrama Achrostica do Sagrado Nome de Tora, com hum Breve Discurso por Introito," Amsterdam, 1706. This was dedicated to D. Abraham Israel Suasso in Amsterdam, and consists of odes upon many words made by combining the letters of (Torah). It is very rare indeed. He also published in the same language "Panegyrico Encomastico ao excell. Senhor D. Joaõ Gomez da Silva, Embaxadorextr. de Rey de Portugal, por Primeiro Plenipotenciario de paz à estas provincias de Holande," Utrecht, 1712; a volume of verse dedicated to Don J. G. de Silva, who had been sent as special peace plenipotentiary from the king of Portugal to the united provinces of Holland. The work is also extremely rare, not being found even in the Montezinos collection, so rich in Spanish and Portuguese works.

  • Kayserling, Biblioteca Española-Portug. Judaica, p. 10.
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