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Roman rabbi of the fourteenth century. Between 1373 and 1390 he wrote a compendium of Jewish rites, entitled "Sefer ha-Tadir," which he intended to serve as a manual both for daily use and for the synagogue. This work lacks depth of thought and originality, and has therefore had little influence on or consideration from the Posḳim. It is full of the prejudices and superstitions of the age, treating of astrology, prophecies, the interpretation of dreams, and similar subjects. Its chief importance lies in the fact that the author does not confine himself to the mere ritual laws, but introduces also maxims of morality, homilies, philosophical questions, and hygienic precepts. The second portion is a collection of treatises and responsa of the author and of other scholars. In addition to the "Sefer ha-Tadir," Moses ben Jekuthiel is the author of a hymn for the use of synagogues, commencing "Meshok na El Ḥasdeka."

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