American economist; born in McGregor, Iowa, Sept. 17, 1871. He entered the Arts Department of the University of Pennsylvania in 1887, but later transferred to the Department of Finance and Economy (Wharton School), and received the degree of Ph.B. in 1890. Then as a fellow of the Wharton School with the privilege of foreign study, he spent two years in Germany, and took the doctor's degree at the University of Halle in 1892. After this he spent one year in France and one year in Italy and England. In 1894 he was appointed lecturer in public law at the University of Pennsylvania, in 1895 was made instructor, in 1897 assistant professor, and in May, 1904, was advanced to a full professorship of political science. In June, 1900, he was appointed by President McKinley a member of the Commission to Revise and Compile the Laws of Porto Rico. At the expiration of the term of this commission Professor Rowe was appointed chairman of the Insular Code Commission. In 1902 he was elected president of the American Academy of Political and Social Science.

Professor Rowe has published the following volumes: "Report of the United States Commission to Revise the Laws of Porto Rico," with Judge Daly and the Hon. Juan Hermandez-Lopez (2 vols., Washington, 1901); "Report of the Insular Code Commission," with Hon. J. M. Keedy and Hon. Juan Hermandez-Lopez (4 vols., Porto Rico, 1902); "The United States and Porto Rico" (New York, 1904). He has also contributed many essays and papers on economics, political science, and public law to the leading periodicals of the United States.

A. J. H. Ho.
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