Danish statistician and author; born in Copenhagen March 5, 1854. He studied at the university of his native city (B.A. 1871), and then took up the study of national economy. In 1874 he passed the requisite examination and was appointed secretary to a committee on commerce; and as a result of his labors a statistical bureau was established in Copenhagen, whose chief he became in 1883. Together with H. Westergaard he compiled the two statistical works "Undersögelser over Landbobefolkningen's Dödelighed" and "Ægteskabsstatistik" (1886-90), the latter of which was translated into German (Berlin, 1893). In 1892 Rubin published "1807-14. Studier over Kjöbenhavn's og Danmark's Historie," which work was supplemented in 1895 by a second volume, entitled "Frederik VI.'s Tid"; for this comprehensive work he was awarded the prize founded by L. N. Hvidt (one of the city fathers of Copenhagen) for the best work on the history of Copenhagen during the first half of the nineteenth century. Rubin did more than any of his predecessors to place the statistical bureau of Denmark on a level with the foremost institutions of the kind in other countries. Since 1902 he has been "Generaltolddirektor."

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