German rabbi; born at Derenburg, near Halberstadt, Jan. 1, 1807; died at Berlin Feb. 5, 1887. From 1837 to 1854 he was rabbi and preacher in Liegnitz, Prussian Silesia, where he introduced German preaching and confirmation; from 1869 until his death he lived in Berlin.

Sammter wrote: "Die Unsterblichkeit Unserer Person Wissenschaftlich Beleuchtet" (Liegnitz, 1843); "Die Schlacht bei Liegnitz" (ib. 1860); "Chronik von Liegnitz" (2 vols., ib. 1861-62); "Die Schlacht an der Katzbach" (ib. 1863); "Masseket Baba Meẓi'a, Talmud Babylonium," with German translation and annotations, and with biographical sketches of the Talmudists and commentators (Berlin, 1877-79); "Mishnayyot," the six orders of the Mishnah, Hebrew text, with German translation and annotations (ib. 1884-88); "Der Rabbi von Líegnitz," historical narrative of the time of the Hussites (ib. 1886). The author had planned to publish the "Mishnayyot" in forty numbers, but only the first eight of the Seder Zera'im and the first two of the Seder Mo'ed appeared.

  • Ha-Maggid. 1887, xxxi. 56.
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