English merchant and politician; born at Liverpool Nov. 22, 1820; died May 10, 1905. After serving an apprenticeship in a general merchant's office in Liverpool (1835-41), he was placed in charge of the Continental transactions of Sharp, Stewart & Co., engineers of Manchester (1842-45). He established railway works in Tours, France (1846-48), purchased the Agricultural Implement Works of Banbury (1849), and erected blast-furnaces at Middlesborough (1854), to which he later added collieries and ironstone mines (1872-80). He was a member of Parliament for Banbury in 1859, and from 1865 to 1885, and for North Oxfordshire from 1885 to 1895, and was appointed on the Royal Commission of Technique and Education in 1881, of which he became chairman. He early severed his connection with Judaism.

  • Who's Who, 1905.
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