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Lithuanian Talmudist and author of the nineteenth century; a native of Slonim, government of Grodno. Schick occupied himself especially with midrashic, or haggadic, literature. In this field he published: "Zera' Abraham" (Wilna-Grodno, 1833), a commentary on Midrash Mishle; "Me'ore ha-Esh" (Grodno, 1834), the "Tanna debe Eliyahu" edited with a commentary and a long introduction; "Maḥazeh ha-Shir" (Warsaw, 1840), a commentary on Canticles; "Eshed ha-Neḥalim" (Wilna, 1843), a commentary on the Midrash Rabbot, with an introduction; "'En Abraham" (Königsberg, 1848), a commentary on Ibn Ḥabib's "'En Ya'aḳob," referring also to Rashi and to Samuel Edels' "Ḥiddushe Agadot." Schick edited the Genesis and Exodus parts of Jacob Dubno's "Ohel Ya'aḳob" (Johannisberg, 1859).

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