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Austrian stenographer; born Feb. 25, 1848, at Ragendorf, Hungary. In 1874 he was appointed teacher of stenography at the Vienna Academy of Agriculture, and in 1898 lecturer on Gabelsberg's system of stenography at the University of Vienna. In 1883 he founded the Centralverein für Gabelsberger'sche Geschäftsstenographie, and subsequently received the title of professor from the Emperor of Austria.

The following are Schiff's principal publications: "Der Theoretisch-Praktische Lehrgang der Stenographie nach Gabelsberger's System"; "Das Stenographische Uebungsbuch für Mittelschulen"; "Ein Lesebuch für Handelsschulen"; "Der Geschäftsstenograph" (approved, together with the preceding three works, by the Austrian Ministry of Instruction); "Das Stenographische Wörterbuch mit Wiener und Dresdner Schreibweisen"; "Das Stenographische Taschenwörterbuch mit Fachkürzungen"; "Das Diktierbuch für Stenographen Aller Deutschen Systeme"; "Das Stenographische Lesekabinet."

  • E. Krumbein, Entwickelungsgeschichte der Schule Gabelsberger's, Dresden, 1901.
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