German clinicist and medical author; born at Gnesen, province of Posen, Prussia, Dec. 6, 1834; M.D. Berlin, 1857. During his medical course he was for a year and a half amanuensis to the physiologist Müller. He established himself as a physician at Berlin in 1858, and in 1868 was admitted to the university as privat-docent in medicine and pharmacology. In 1875 he was elected assistant professor, and till 1888 was chief physician of the medical department of theAugusta Hospital. In 1881 Senator became also chief physician of the medical department at the Charité. After Professor Frerichs' death in 1885 he had charge of the first medical clinic of the university for one semester. In 1888 his department in the Charité was enlarged and became the third medical clinic of the university, Senator being made its director. In 1899 he was appointed professor with the title "Geheimer Medicinalrath."

Since 1872 Senator has been one of the editors of the "Centralblatt für die Medizinische Wissenschaft," and he has written many essays and books on physiology, general and special pathology, and therapy. Among these may be mentioned: "Untersuchungen über den Fieberhaften Process und Seine Behandlung," Berlin, 1873; "Die Krankheiten des Bewegungs-Apparates," ib. 1875; "Diabetes Mellitus und Insipidus," in Ziemssen's "Handbuch der Speciellen Pathologie," 1879; "Die Albuminurie im Gesunden und Kranken Zustande," Berlin, 1882 (translated into various European languages; into English by the New Sydenham Society); and "Die Erkrankungen der Nieren," in Nothnagel's "Handbuch der Speciellen Pathologie und Therapie," Vienna, 1896.

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