Name of several persons mentioned in the Old Testament. 1. Son of David and Abital; their fifth child. He was born while his father was still reigning at Hebron (II Sam. iii. 4; I Chron. iii. 3). 2. A Haruphite, and one of the guard of thirty who joined David at Ziklag (ib. xii. 5). 3. Son of Maachah and commander of the fighting men of the tribe of Simeon during the reign of David (ib. xxvii. 16). 4. Son of Reuel, of the tribe of Benjamin; a member of a family long resident at Jerusalem (ib. ix. 8). 5. Ancestor of the 372 persons who returned from the Exile to Jerusalem under Zerubbabel (Ezra ii. 4; Neh. vii. 9). 6. Probably the youngest son of King Jehoshaphat, and brother of King Jehoram (II Chron. xxi. 2). 7. Ancestor of Zebadiah, the son of Michael; he, with eighty members of his tribe, accompanied Ezra to Jerusalem (Ezra viii. 8). 8. One of the servants of Solomon; his descendants returned to Jerusalem with Zerubbabel (Ezra ii. 57; Neh. vii. 59). 9. Son of Mahalaleel, and descendant of Perez, of the tribe of Judah, whose great-great-grandson was chosen by lot to dwell in Jerusalem when Nehemiah rebuilt the city (Neh. xi. 4). 10. Son of Mattan and anofficial of Zedekiah; he induced the king to order Jeremiah imprisoned because of his alleged seditious addresses (Jer. xxxviii. 1).

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