SHULAMITE (R. V. Shulammite; Greek, Σουναμῖτις):

Principal character in the Song of Songs (A. V. Song of Solomon), although mentioned there in one passage only (vii. 1 [A. V. vi. 13]). According to the opinion of some modern critics, the Shulamite was the bride of a shepherd; but her beauty kindled in Solomon a violent passion, and he endeavored to win her for his harem. As to the etymology of the name, it would seem that it means "a native of Shulem," which place, according to Eusebius ("Onomasticon," s.v.), is identical with Shunem. This view is supported by the Greek version (see above), which evidently was made from a Hebrew text having instead of . On the theory that the term "Shulamite" is equivalent to "Shunammite," some critics have gone so far as to identify the Shulamite with Abishag, who after David's death became prominent in the court of Jerusalem (see Song of Songs).

J. M. Sel.
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