Italian family from Sinigaglia; later settled in Scandiano, where Solomon Jedidiah Sinigaglia ("Bet Talmud," iii. 205) was rabbi and "mohel" in 1639. Later he went to Modena. The principal members of the family and their genealogical tree are as follows:

1. Abraham Vita Sinigaglia:

Rabbi of Modena in the first half of the eighteenth century; died at an early age. He was a pupil of Menahem of Cracow and of Ephraim Cohen. He wrote: (1) "Dibre ha-Yamim," a diary, the first volume of which comprised the years 1722-31, and the second 1732-33; (2) novellæ on the Mishnah (Berakot, 1719-1721; Shabbat and Ḥullin, 1726; Makkot and Baba Ḳamma, 1729; 'Abodah Zarah, 1730; Pesaḥim and Sukkah, 1732).

2. Abraham Vita Sinigaglia:

Rabbi; born at Modena in the eighteenth century; died there in the following century; grandson of the preceding. He pursued his studies under his father, Solomon Jedidiah (No. 5), and Ishmael Cohen. He left numerous unpublished novellæ.

3. Jacob Samson Shabbethai Sinigaglia:

Rabbinical author; born in Ancona; died in Sinigaglia 1840; son of Raphael Issachar Sinigaglia. He was a pupil of Abraham Israel, rabbi of Ancona, and was the author of: preface to the sermons ("Se'uddat Miẓwah") of Daniel Terni, rabbi at Florence (Venice, 1791); "Shabbat shel Mi" (Leghorn, 1807), Talmudic novellæ; "Ya'aḳob Le-Ḥoḳ," commentary on the "Ḥoḳ le-Yisrael" by Jacob Baruk (ib. 1807); "Abir Ya'aḳob" (Pisa, 1811), Talmudic novellæ; "Nezir Shimshon" (ib. 1813); "Mattat Elohim" (ib. 1821); "Mattan ba-Seter" (Leghorn, 1843); "Meged Shamayim" (ib. 1844), responsa. He left, besides, the following manuscript works: "Ḳashya Sefa," responsa; "Leshon Limmudim"; "Shomer Shabbat"; and "Midbar Ẓin."

4. Moses Elijah Sinigaglia:

Rabbi of Modena; born in that city 1763; died there 1849; a pupil of his father, Solomon Jedidiah Sinigaglia (No. 5), and of Ishmael Cohen. He taught for fifty years in Modena, and toward the end of his life was appointed rabbi of that place. He left in manuscript forty-two sermons and novellæ, besides responsa, some of which were included in the responsa collection of Elishama Meïr Padovani.

5. Solomon Jedidiah Sinigaglia:

Rabbi of Modena in the eighteenth century; born and died in that city. He was the teacher of Elishama Meïr Padovani, and was also the author of a number of Hebrew poems, some published and others unpublished, several of which are contained in the "Tiḳḳun Ḥaẓot" (Leghorn, 1800). He left in manuscript also a grammatical treatise, sermons, and responsa.

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