Hungarian rabbi; born at Presburg Sept. 29, 1821; died at Pesth June 28, 1886. He studied at Presburg and at Ungvar, where he attended the celebrated yeshibot of Ḥatam Sofer and Meïr Ash (Meïr Eisenstädter). In 1844 he went to Mattersdorf, where he taught baḥurim; and in 1852 he was chosen rabbi at Gyömöre. Seven years later (1859) he became rabbi at Sajó Szt. Péter, whence he removed in 1868 to Munkacs. In 1879 he was chosen rabbi of the Orthodox congregation in Pesth, where he officiated until his death.

Sofer was the author of the following works: "Peles Ḥayyim" (Presburg, 1854); "Maḥane Ḥayyim" (4 vols., 2 editions), a collection of responsa; "Ḥillul Shabbat" (Sajó Szt. Péter); and "Ḳol Sofer," a commentary on the Mishnah. He left two works in manuscript, "Dibre Sha'are Ḥayyim 'alTorah" and "Sha'are Ḥayyim 'al Tehillim," which were published by his son. Ḥayyim Sofer was buried in Presburg.

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