Italian rabbi; flourished at Rome in the eleventh century; nephew of Nathan b. Jehiel, the author of the "'Aruk." About a quarter of a century after Nathan's death Solomon was a member of the rabbinate of Rome, of which he was for some time president. He was, besides, the chief of Nathan's high school ("Shibbole ha-Leḳeṭ," part ii., No. 56). His authority in rabbinics is seen in the fact that he is quoted in the work just mentioned (part i., No. 128), in a responsum to a question as to why the Eighteen Benedictions (Shemoneh 'Esreh) are not recited on Sabbaths and holy days. He repeatedly answered questions of Menahem b. Solomon b. Isaac (ib. part ii., Nos. 56, 57, 75 [No. 75 being in connection with the benediction recited at a marriage ceremony]). Besides these responsa there is extant one which was sent by the rabbinate of Rome to the community of Paris (published by S. D. Luzzatto in "Bet ha-Oẓar," i. 59a et seq.), and the first signature to which is that of Solomon, as president.

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