English musician and composer; born in London 1856; died there Jan. 22, 1895. Solomon, who was largely a self-taught musician, gained considerable reputation as a composer of light opera; he possessed the gift of creating pleasing melody, and evinced great talent for effective orchestration. He conducted many comic operas, and wrote many successful opera bouffes, somewhat after the style of the Gilbert-Sullivan operettas. Of his compositions the following may be mentioned: "Billee Taylor," produced at the Imperial Theatre, London, 1880; "Claude Duval," "Love and Larceny," and "Quite an Adventure," 1881; "The Red Hussar," "The Nautch Girl," "The Vicar of Bray," "Lord Bateman, or Picotee's Pledge," and "Through the Looking-Glass" (farce), 1882; "Paul and Virginia," 1883; "Polly," 1884; and "Pocahontas," 1885.

His brother Frederick Solomon sang in "Billee Taylor" in the provinces (1883), and is the composer of the comic opera "Captain Kidd, or The Bold Buccaneer," produced at the Prince of Wales' Theatre, Liverpool, on Sept. 10, 1883.

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