French liturgist of Avallon; lived apparently in the thirteenth century. He composed the following piyyuṭim: "Abbi'ah Pil'i," a "yoẓer" for Purim; "Abbi'ah miḳreh," a "seliḥah" commemorating the massacre of Anjou in 1236, and giving the names of several martyrs; "Addir yamin ya'aṭof," a seliḥah; "She'erit shibyah," a prayer in which every line consists of four words, each beginning with the same letter (read downward, the initial letters of these four columns of words give, four times, the name of the author followed by the alphabet); "She'erit shelameka," arranged like the preceding; "Nafshi bimah tehemi," a "tokeḥah" arranged in four-line strophes.

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