SOLOMON BEN JUDAH OF DREUX (surnamed "the Holy"):

French tosafist and Bible commentator of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. He was a disciple of Isaac ben Samuel the Elder of Dampierre, and presided over the school of Dreux during the first quarter of the thirteenth century. He was one of the rabbis to whom Meïr ben Todros Abulafia addressed his letter of protest against Maimonides. His name is mentioned in the Tosafot, in "Or Zarua'," and in a commentary of Samuel ben Solomon of Falaise on Joseph Ṭob Elem's codex of the laws concerning Passover. His brother Jacob ben Judah likewise was a Bible commentator. Joseph ben Solomon of Dreux, who corresponded with Isaac ben Abraham of Dampierre, was most probably a son of the subject of this article.

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D. S. Man.
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