Russian publicist and friend of the Jews; born 1853; died in 1900. In an article, "Rossiya i Yevropa," he opposed the attitude of the Slavyanophil party against the Jews. He became a member of the Society for the Promotion of Culture Among the Jews of Russia, and took an active part in the work of the Historical and Ethnographical Society. Even on his death-bed he is said to have prayed for the Jewish people.

His chief works are: "Krisis Zapadnoi Philosophii"; "La Russie et l'Eglise Universelle"; "Istoriya Buduschnosti Teokratii" ("Philosophiya Bibliskoi Istorii"); "Opravdaniye Dobra"; and "I Kritika Otvlechennyka Nachel."

  • Statyi o Solovyevye, Radlova i Arsenyeva, in the Russian edition of Brockhaus Konversations-Lexikon;
  • Vyestnik Yevropy, Sept., 1900;
  • Voskhod, Nov., 1900;
  • Khronika Voskhoda, 1900, Nos. 60 and 69.
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