German musician; born at Königsberg, Prussia, Aug. 16, 1858. Educated at the Conservatorium, Leipsic, he in 1878 traveled with the violinist Miska Hauser through Germany and Russia. He held the position of conductor of the opera successively at Heidelberg, Cologne, Ghent, Aix-la-Chapelle, Potsdam (Royal Theater), and Hamburg. In 1883 he became conductor of the Beethoven Männerchor, New York, and in 1889 (together with Anton Seidl) of the orchestral concerts at Brighton Beach near that city. In 1891 he became musical director of Temple Emanu-El, New York.

Spicker has written several works, of which may be mentioned: "Anthology of Oratorio," New York, 1890; "Anthology of Opera," ib. 1895; (with William Sparger) "The Synagogal Service," ib. He has, besides, edited "The Masterpieces of Vocalization."

  • American Jewish Year Book, 5665 (1905).
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