German author; born Dec. 3, 1853, at Königsberg. In 1864 his parents removed with him to Berlin. The death of his father there prevented him from continuing his studies, and he became a bookseller. After having worked for some time on the editorial staff of the "Deutsches Montagsblatt," Stein in 1881 became one of the editors of the "Dresdener Zeitung." In 1884 he returned to Berlin and became chief editor of the "Litterarische Merkur"; and from this time he developed great activity as contributor to various political, artistic, and literary papers. Stein is now (1905) editor-in-chief of the Berlin "Bazar," and dramatic critic of the "Berliner Zeitung. " He has published" Illustrirte Kunstgeschichte," 1886, and "Von Schreibtisch und Werkstatt," 1896, and has edited "Briefe von Goethe's Mutter," 1891; "Reden des Fürsten Bismarck," 1895-98; "Rückert's Ausgewählte Werke," 6 vols., 1897; "Briefwechsel Zwischen Schiller und Goethe," 1901.

  • Das Geistige Berlin, 1897, pp. 514-515.
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