Austrian laryngologist; born at Ofen, Hungary, Sept. 17, 1832; died at Vienna Sept. 13, 1899. He studied at the universities of Prague and Vienna, graduating as M.D. in 1858, when he was appointed assistant at the communal hospital of Vienna. In 1858, while acting as assistant to Professor Törk, Störk demonstrated the possibility of introducing remedies into the throat and larynx by aid of the laryngoscope; and he also invented various instruments for such treatment. In 1864 he became privat-docent at the University of Vienna; in 1875, assistant professor; and in 1891, professor of laryngology and chief of the laryngological clinic.

Of Störk's many works the following may be mentioned: "Laryngoscopische Mittheilungen," Vienna, 1863; "Laryngoscopische Operationen," ib. 1870 (2d ed. 1872); "Beiträge zur Heilung des Parenchym und Cystenkropfes," Erlangen, 1874; "Mittheilungen über Asthma Bronchiale und die Mechanische Lungenbehandlung," Stuttgart, 1875; "Klinik der Krankheiten des Kehlkopfes, der Nase und des Rachens," ib. 1876-80; "Sprechen und Singen," Vienna, 1881; "Die Erkrankungen der Nase, des Rachens und des Kehlkopfes," ib. 1895-97.

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