AMMIEL ("El is My Kinsman," or "My Kinsman is God"; compare Eliam):

A name of the following persons in the Old Testament: 1. A Danite (Num. xiii. 12). 2. Father of Machir, of Lodebar (II Sam. ix. 4 et seq., xvii. 27). 3. Father of David's wife, Bathsheba ("Bathshua") (I Chron. iii. 5; compare II Sam. xi. 3). 4. A doorkeeper (I Chron. xxvi. 5). For the meaning of the element Ammi, compare names Abi-el, [A]hi-el, Eli-am, 'Ammi-baal; and see 'Amm, Ammi.

C. C. T.
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