Polish scholar of the sixteenth century. He published the following works: "Tefillot mi-Kol ha-Shanah" (Lublin, 1571; Cracow, 1606), in collaboration with Koppelmann, and consisting of the Jewish daily prayers, with a commentary; the Maḥzor (Lublin, 1579; Cracow, 1597; Wilmersdorf, 1673), containing the Jewish festival prayers according to the Polish, Bohemian, and Moravian rituals, with a commentary on the same; "Seliḥot" (Cracow, 1584; Prague, 1587; Lublin, 1643), consisting of a collection of prayers for atonement according to the Polish ritual, together with a commentary composed by his father-in-law, Mordecai Mardos, and edited by Sundeles; and "Yoẓerot" (Cracow, 1592), written in collaboration with Koppelmann, and containing the prayers ordained for the different Sabbaths, together with a commentary thereupon.

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