AMMINADAB ("My Kinsman Has Given Freely"; compare the names Abi-nadab, Ahi-nadab, Jeho-nadab, and Kammush-nadab. See also Schrader, "Cuneiform Inscriptions and the Old Testament," p. 281; and see 'Amm, 'Ammi):

1. The father of Aaron's wife Elisheba (Ex. vi. 23) and of Nahshon, the "head of the tribe of Judah" (Num. i. 7, ii. 3). Also the name of certain Levites (I Chron. vi. 7, xv. 10). 2. The name of a king of the Ammonites in the time of Ashurbanipal (Delitzsch, "Wo Lag das Paradies?" p. 294).

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