Beni-Israel soldier; enlisted in the 4th Rifles on April 1, 1842. He was made jemidar and native adjutant on Jan. 1, 1857; subahdar on Jan. 1, 1861; subahdar-major and bahadur in 1878. He served with the reserve forces in the expedition to Bahawalpur in 1846, and two years later left Karachi for Mooltan on field service, being present at the successful attack on the enemy's position in the suburbs of the latter city on Dec. 27, 1848. Though wounded he was with the regiment when it stormed the breach and captured the city, and he was engaged in all the subsequent siege operations until the capitulation of the fort and citadel on Jan. 22, 1849 (medal and clasp). Talkar served also in the Persian campaign of 1856-57, during which he was present at the occupation of the island of Kurrack, at the landing in Hallilah Bay, and at the advance on and surrender of the town and fort of Bushire; he took part also in the forced march on Barazgoon, the night attack of Feb. 6, 1857, and the battle of Khooshab (medal and clasp). In 1858 he served in the Central India Field Forces.

J. J. Hy.
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