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Russian rabbi; born (in Grodno ?) 1779; died at Wilna July 31, 1855. He became one of the "more ẓedeḳ" ("dayyanim") of Wilna in 1819, and held that position till his death. He made a special study of the religious usages of Elijah Wilna not practised by others, and incorporated the results in his work "Ma'aseh Rab" (Zolkiev, 1808), of which a second edition, with notes and additions by his son Mordecai, was published at Wilna and Grodno in 1832. Another of his sons, Elijah Perez, who was also a moreh ẓedeḳ in Wilna, republished that work with additions and an appendix entitled "Minḥat 'Ereb" (Wilna, 1832). Later editions (Warsaw, 1858, and Wilna, 1889) contain various additions and extracts from other books on subjects similar to those treated in the body of the work.

  • Fuenn, Ḳiryah Ne'emanah, pp. 212, 285-286, Wilna, 1860.
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