Hungarian sculptor; born at Baja May 12, 1872. At the age of twelve he went to Budapest and studied decorative art, but he soon left that city for Vienna, where he was educated for four years in the Allgemeine Bildhauerschule, winning the Füger gold medal with his "St. Boniface Striking Down the Banner of Wotan." He next entered Professor Zumbusch's school, where he studied for three years, gaining the school's first prize with his "Two Drinkers," which later won a medal of the second class at the World's Fair in Antwerp. Telcs attracted particular attention in 1900 by being awarded, for his monument in honor of Empress Elizabeth of Austria, first prize among many competitors. He is now (1905) at work on a statue of the poet Vörösmarty to be erected inBudapest, and another of Kossuth in Kecskemet, having been awarded both these commissions as a result of competition.

S. L. V.
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