Hungarian actor; born at Budapest April 3, 1844. For a time he studied medicine at the University of Vienna, but in 1862 he went to Laibach, where he joined a theatrical company. During the following ten years he played at small theaters in Iglau, Klagenfurt, Troppau, Budapest, Leipsic, and Liebenstein; and from 1874 to 1890 he was a member of the "Meininger," and appeared in such rôles as Shylock, Iago, Gessler, Franz Moor, and Marinelli. On leaving the "Meininger" he secured an engagement at the Stadttheater in Hamburg, where his principal rôles were Graf Trast, Doctor Crusius, and Graf Menges. In 1899 he retired from the stage, and settled as teacher of elocution in Hamburg. He has written a play entitled "Wintersonnenwende," which has met with considerable success.

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