Austrian physician and poet; born at Rzeszow, Galicia, March 25, 1816. At the age of twelve he wrote a comedy in imitation of Kotzebue's "Sorgen Ohne Noth." In 1830 he entered the University of Vienna to study medicine (M.D. 1840), collaborating at the same time on the "Zuschauer," "Wanderer," and "Sammler." From 1841 he practised his profession in his native town. In 1835 his first work, "Wiener Fresko-Skizzen," was published; and his one-act comedy "Der Nachtwandler bei Tage" was produced with success at the Leopoldstädter Theater. At this time he made the acquaintance of Saphir, who induced him to contribute to his periodical "Der Humorist." In 1837 his "Nur Eine Löst den Zauberspruch" was played in Vienna and various other cities of Austria, and in Germany also. His "Der Abenteuerer" and "Der Jugendfreund" were produced at the Hofburg Theater, Vienna. In 1859 Turteltaub edited the "Wiener Volksbühne."

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