• 1. Son of Kohath and brother of Amram (Ex. vi. 18; I Chron. vi. 2). He was the father of Mishael, Elzaphan, and Zithri (Ex. vi. 22). The first two, at the bidding of Moses, carried from the Tabernacle the bodies of Nadab and Abihu, their cousins (Lev. x. 4). Elzaphan, moreover, was chief of the family of the Kohathites during the wandering in the wilderness (Num. iii. 30). Another son of Uzziel, named Amminadab, was one of the Levite chiefs selected to carry the Ark of the Covenant to the tent which David had pitched for it in Zion (I Chron. xv. 10). Two other sons of Uzziel were named respectively Micah and Jesiah (ib. xxiii. 20). His descendants were termed "Uzzielites" (Num. iii. 27; I Chron. xxvi. 23).
  • 2. A Simeonite; son of Ishi; one of the chiefs who, during the reign of King Hezekiah, passed over the Jordan, annihilated the remnants of the Amalekites, and settled in their territory around Mount Seir (I Chron. iv. 41-43).
  • 3. One of the eponymous heroes of the tribe of Benjamin; described as one of the five sons of Bela (ib. vii. 7).
  • 4 (Called also Azareel). Son of Heman. He belonged to the eleventh order of those who were chosen by lot to serve as singers in leading the worship in the Temple during the reign of David (I Chron. xxv. 4, 18).
  • 5. Son of Jeduthun; one of those who were chosen to resanctify the Temple during the reign of Hezekiah (II Chron. xxix. 14).
  • 6. A goldsmith who repaired part of the walls of Jerusalem under Nehemiah (Neh. iii. 8).
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