Physician and author who lived in the Grecian Archipelago in the second half of the sixteenth century. He wrote the following works: "Yad ha-Melek," a commentary on the Book of Esther, completed at Corfu on the 6th of Feb., 1579, and published with the text at Venice, 1586; "Ḥazon la-Mo'ed," a philosophical commentary on the Book of Daniel, finished on the 7th of Feb., 1580, in a village near Patras, in the Morea, and published, with the text of the original, at Venice, 1586. There is an extract from the latter commentary in the rabbinical Bible of Amsterdam (1724-27). Valerio wrote also "'Emeḳ ha-Baka," "Pi Ḥakam," and "Bet ha-Malkut," still in manuscript.

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