German rabbi and historian; born at Pilsen, Bohemia, Jan. 8, 1870. His father was Heinemann Vogelstein, rabbi of Stettin. Vogelstein received his education at his native town, the gymnasium at Stettin, and the universities and Jewish theological seminaries at Berlin and Breslau (Ph.D. and rabbi 1894). In 1895 he became rabbi in Oppeln, and since 1897 he has been rabbi at Königsberg, East Prussia.

He is the author of "Die Landwirtschaft in Palästina zur Zeit der Mischnah" (Berlin, 1894) and, together with Rieger, of the first volume of "Geschichte der Juden in Rom," the second volume being written by Rieger alone (Berlin, 1896). The "Geschichte" gained one of the prizes offered by the Zunzstiftung.

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