BLOCH, BIANCA (pseudonym, B. Waldow):

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German authoress; born at Lauban, Silesia, Jan. 19, 1848, where her father was attendant at a local court. Owing to the reduced circumstances of the family, she was restricted to merely a rudimentary education, but subsequently made up for the deficiency by extensive reading. In this, as in her literary work, she was encouraged by Dr. Bernhard Stavenow of Görlitz, who recognized her talent and developed it. In collaboration with C. von Breckheyde (Aline Neumann) she wrote two plays, "Ein Heisser Tag"—a farce, 1881; and "Vor dem Fest"—a comedy, 1889. Her other works are: "Blaue Augen"—a farce, 1891; "In Ernster Zeit"—a drama; "Lieutenant und Assessor, oder Maiwein"—a comedy; and "Strohwittwer"—a farce, 1892.

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