Dayyan and preacher in Amsterdam about the end of the eighteenth century. He published a pamphlet entitled "Megillat Sefer" (Amsterdam, 1790), containing some homilies, besides a eulogy of R. Saul Löwenstamm, chief rabbi of Amsterdam. His family name points to Wannfried in Hesse as his birthplace, but he is not identical with the Eliakim Getschlik Wanefrieden who was rabbi in Kanitz, Moravia, about 1760 ("Die Deborah," 1902, pp. 70-71). The latter was probably the father of Jeremiah ben Eliakim Getschlik Wanefrieden, rabbi in Rausnitz, Moravia, and one of those who defended Jonathan Eybeschütz against the charge of heresy ("Luḥot 'Edut," p. 29a, Altona, 1755).

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