Russian writer; born at Kherson in 1853. He received his early education at a gymnasium in St. Petersburg, and then studied engineering at the ministerial Institute for Engineers. Later he took up the study of law at the University of St. Petersburg, from which he was graduated in jurisprudence in 1879.

Since 1874 Warshawski has been a contributor to the St. Petersburg daily "Novosti," in which he has published a series of humoristic poems. In 1878 he wrote feuilletons for "Russki Mir," and he has been a contributor also to the humoristic weeklies "Pchela" and "Strekoza." He was one of the founders, and for some time associate editor, of the Russo-Jewish periodical "Razsvyet" (1879-81), to which he contributed various essays, as well as sketches of Jewish life. He has contributed also to the "Voskhod," and has published a collection of poems entitled "U Morya" (St. Petersburg, 1884).

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