Russian writer; born at Odessa about 1840. His father, Isaiah Weinberg, adopted Christianity. Unlike his brothers, Peter Weinberg, a prominent writer, and Jacob Weinberg, a judge, Paul never studied at any institution of learning, and this lack of training is plainly shown in his literary works. From his early youth he devoted his time to caricaturing the Jews, whose lives, customs, and habits he never studied, knowing of them only through his uncle Billizer. These caricatures were published in three works: "Stzeny iz Yevreiskavo Byta" (St. Petersburg, 1870); "Novyya Stzeny i Anekdoty iz Yevreiskavo, Army-anskavo, Grecheskavo, Nyemetzkavo i Russkavo Byta" (ib. 1880); and; "Polny Sbornik Yumoristicheskikh Stzen iz Yevreiskavo i Armyanskavo Byta" (Moscow, 1883). These scenes are crudely humoristic.

  • Sistematicheski Ukazatel Literatury o Yevreyakh, St. Petersburg, 1893;
  • Ha-Meliẓ, 1878, No. 23.
S. J. Go.
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