French painter; born at Budapest May 11, 1838. He was educated at the School of Fine Arts in Vienna, and in 1860 went to Paris to complete his studies. His first exhibit at the Salon (1869) was a portrait of M. Marmontel. Becoming a French citizen in 1871, he settled in Paris, and has since then been a regular exhibitor at the Salons. Among his many paintings, which include also portraits of well-known people, may be mentioned: "La Corbeille de Mariage" (1874); "La Fiancée Slave" (1877; now in the Museum of Lisieux); "En 1815" (1878); "Le Lion Amoureux" (1883); "Tournesol" and "Nymphe Découvrant la Tête d'Orphée" (1886); "La Jeunesse" and "Fillette aux Pêches" (1891); "Judith" (1895); "Captifs" (1896; now in the Museum of Angers); and "Nouvelle Captive" (1901).

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