Hungarian chess-player; born July 21, 1857, at Szered on the Waag. Removing to Vienna, he studied mathematics and physics at the university, and afterward taught those subjects. Having, however, learned to play chess in his twelfth year, his interest in the game increased as he grew older, and he entered many international competitions.

Weiss has invariably acquitted himself well in tournaments, at which his chief successes have been:

  • 1882, Vienna, won 2 games from Zukertort, and drew with Steinitz.
  • 1885, Hamburg, tied with Englisch and Tarrasch for second prize.
  • 1887, Frankfort-on-the-Main, divided second and third prizes with Blackburne.
  • 1888, Bradford, tied with Blackburne for sixth prize.
  • 1889, New York. tied with Tchigorin for first prize.
  • 1889, Breslau, third prize.
  • 1890. Vienna, first prize.

Weiss is now (1905) employed in Baron Rothschild's banking-house at Vienna.

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