Russian physician and anthropologist; born in Yelizavetgrad, South Russia, Dec. 16, 1867. He attended the public school and the real-school of his native town; entered the Polytechnicum in Carlsruhe, Baden, in 1884; and received his medical degree in Heidelberg in 1890. His chief work has consisted of anthropological researches among the Jews of South Russia, the results of which he published in 1895 ("Die Südrussischen Juden," in "Archiv für Anthropologie," xxiii.). He has also published researches on the anthropology of the Karaites ("Die Karäer der Krim," in "Globus," lxxxiv., and in "Russki Antropologitcheski Zhurnal," 1904). Several other contributions were published in the "Zeitschrift für Ethnologie" and the "Mitteilungen der Anthropologischen Gesellschaft" of Vienna. Weissenberg has been a frequent contributor to the "Globus" on Jewish folk-lore, his articles on Jewish proverbs (vol. lxxvii.) and folk-songs (vol. lxvii.) being particularly noteworthy. He has written also papers for the "Mitteilungen der Gesellschaft für Jüdische Volkskunde" on the "Purimspiel" (part xiii.), "Weddings" (part xv.), and kindred subjects.

J. M. Fi.
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