Polish rabbi; born at Tels, Kovno, 1837. He received his early education in various ḥadarim, and at thirteen was well versed in Talmudic literature, whereupon he continued his studies under his father, who was government rabbi of Tels. In 1856 Werner received the Hattarat Hora'ah from several eminent rabbis, and shortly after was appointed rabbi of Weger; later he succeeded his father as dayyan at Tels, subsequently becoming chief rabbi. He then accepted a call to Helsingfors as chief rabbi of the entire province of Finland, and finally, in 1891, was elected rabbi of the newly founded Maḥaziḳe Hadath congregation in London. Here he remained until July, 1901, when he settled in the Holy Land.

  • Young Israel, June, 1899;
  • Jew. Chron. July 26, 1901.
J. G. L.
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